Speaking Bipolar Products

It's hard to keep a positive mindset in today's world.

Let me help.

21 Smart Ways To Reduce the Effects of Bipolar Disorder on Everyday Life

Living with bipolar disorder is a challenge, but there are steps you can take to make it easier. This 14-page e-book gives practical advice to help you live your best life. Get it free or pay what you want.

Follow Along as I Write a Novel

The Adventures of Brody Bipolar is a speculative fiction story about 20-year-old Brody Britton as he tries to find his place in the world. Chapters 1-3 are free to read, and new episodes are added every Saturday.

Bipolar Disorder Symptom Checklist

The 7-page Bipolar Disorder Symptom Checklist is a fillable PDF that will help you reflect on the 12 most common symptoms of bipolar. Once complete, share the completed worksheet with your professional care team.

The Speaking Bipolar Positivity Club

While the focus is on helping people battling bipolar disorder, this club is full of lessons to benefit everyone. Fresh content is posted each weekday.

Bipolar Disorder Starter Toolbox

The Bipolar Disorder Starter Toolbox is a collection of six digital products that will help you better understand your bipolar symptoms so you can start living your best life. Contains over 90 pages of printable content!

I'm also working on completing my first two non-fiction books and a course about understanding and thriving with bipolar disorder.

More to follow soon!